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Due to holiday season the office is closed on saturdays for the month of august.

welcome to our practice and information regarding your first appointment

Dear sir/madam,
We would hereby like to extend a very warm welcome to you at Dental office de Kruidenhof. Together we will start
working on a healthy and radiant smile, which you can enjoy for the rest of your life. At Dental practice de Kruidenhof
you find dentists, dental hygienists and other dental care providers, all under one roof. Together we are
ready to provide you with optimal dental care. Modern treatment rooms, advanced methods and
equipment, optimal practice support, training and collegial cooperation ensure continuous quality
impulses. This translates for you as a patient into more and better treatment options and tailor-made

Personal approach, customised care
Together we will prepare a care plan, which is tailored to your oral health and personal requirements.
During your visit to the dentist we will review your overall oral health and carry out an additional
examination of, for example, your gums. We will also establish your risk of oral diseases such as tooth
decay and gum disease. We will subsequently prepare a short and long-term care plan, based on this
information and will agree on how often you will need to visit the dentist for check-ups.
We will devote a great deal of care and attention to a prevention programme which is tailored to your
personal oral health and needs. We will ascertain whether the dental hygienist or (periodontitis)
prevention assistant can improve your oral health. We follow the UMC St. Radboud Nijmegen’s latest
Periodic Oral Examination Code of Practice for this purpose.
We feel personal attention and clear communication should form the basis of any treatment.

We will keep you informed
You can find a great deal of useful information about our practice, our team and our working methods
on our website as well as information regarding matters such as taking care of
your teeth.

Important for you: health questionnaire and medication overview
We would like to ask you to complete a health questionnaire during your first visit. This list
contains a number of questions regarding your health. Your answers are important to the dentist, as
many conditions and medications can affect your teeth and oral cavity, as well as the execution of
dental work.
It’s important to list any medicines you use on the medication overview (you can request this overview
at your pharmacy). It’s important to provide us with a new medication overview if there are any changes
in the medication you take. During every visit you will be asked whether there have been any changes to your health, which will
subsequently be adjusted in your patient file.

First appointment
Your first appointment will take approximately 20 minutes. The dentist will use this appointment to carry
out a general check-up and produce an inventory of how healthy your teeth and gums are. We may
decide to take an overview photograph of your teeth and/or two small X-rays, if this proves necessary.
This is to allow us to carefully determine and follow the status of your teeth.

There are several important matters when you visit us for the first time:
 It’s important that your dentist is well informed of your overall health and any possible use of
medication. We would therefore like to kindly request you to complete a health
questionnaire that will be provided and hand this to the dentist during your first visit.
 As a care provider, we are obliged to record every patient’s social security number in our
administration and to verify your identity. This is why we will ask you for a valid proof of
identification and your insurance card during your first visit.
 It would be very useful to request your details and any possible X-rays from your previous
dentist and bring these to your first appointment.

You will need to take into account the following possible costs for your first appointment:
C11 : € 22,16 Periodic check-up
X10:  € 16,33 Small X-ray
X21 : € 69,97 Jaw overview X-ray (if necessary)

Cancellation of appointments
We count on your arrival when you have made an appointment. Please let us know as soon as possible
if you are unable to attend your appointment. This will allow us to possibly help another patient. Please
make sure you give us at least 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation, otherwise we will unfortunately have
no choice but to pass on the costs for the reserved time and/or the agreed treatment. Your insurance
company will not reimburse you for these costs.

Your dentist’s bill
Your dentist’s bill is made up of various different processes carried out during a treatment. The bill will
describe every process with a code. A rate is linked to each code. We use the rates set by the Dutch
Healthcare Authority (www.nza.nl). You will receive our bills via Infomedics, the organisation that looks
after our invoicing. If you have provided us your email address and mobile number, Infomedics will send
you a digital invoice. Infomedics will claim any costs directly from your insurance company whenever
possible. You will therefore only receive a remainder invoice for the amount your insurance company
may possibly not be paying for. If you don’t have dental insurance you can make your payment at the counter. The Dentist will always inform you about the costs before treatment.

Practical information
You can find practical information regarding emergencies on our website . Please
do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions, or if you would like any additional
Thank you very much for the trust you have in us and we look forward to welcoming you in our practice

With kind regards,
Your dental office team  De Kruidenhof


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